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PERMANENTLY TEMPORARY: FROM BERLIN TO SHANGHAI IN HALF A CENTURY. Tess Johnston's peripatetic half a century has taken her through fourteen Foreign Service postings to her retirement – and this book, written in her permanently temporary home in Shanghai. She loves to talk, and to write and the range of her interests is broad. Tess has filled them with life, with anecdotes and with humor. Travel with her in her "little life" in a wider world. The table of contents is listed below:

Berlin – First Posting Frankfurt am Main – In the Foreign Service…again
Düsseldorf – Voluntary Exile Berlin – Back to My Old Haunts
Charlottesville – Back Home New Delhi – A Tough Assignment
Williamsburg – New Job Tehran – An Unfriendly City
Vietnam – New Adventures Washington – Learning an Impossible Language
Bien Hoa – The Tet Offensive Shanghai – My First Look at China
Can Tho – Vann Moves South Paris – A Thorn among Roses
Laos – A Sudden Transfer Shanghai II – The Last Great Adventure
Vietnam II – A Consulate in Can Tho Retirement – or Shanghai III
Washington – Career Decisions A Happy Ending ?

MISSY’S CHINA – LETTERS FROM HANGCHOW, 1934-1937, by Doris ("Missy") Arnold. A “small town American girl” came with her family to live in China during a troubled era. In a memorable three years Missy wrote weekly letters home about her life in a small expat enclave surrounded by the culture and chaos of her host city. She is a keen observer of her little world, and her letters are rich in minute details (and humor) that enable her family (and the readers) to experience old China through her perceptive eyes.

PEKING SUN, SHANGHAI MOON, by Diana Hutchins Angulo. A rare glimpse into the private lives of wealthy foreigners living in Peking and Shanghai. Through the eyes of a beautiful young girl we are caught up in the lives of wealth and privilege, of social activities and obligations, of the foreign community in China between 1920 and 1940. Supplemented by photographs from family albums and contemporary newspapers, she gives us an entrée into the glamorous expatriate world in the last frenetic days of pre-war Shanghai.

SHANGHAI ART DECO covers in 320 pages and nearly a thousand photos the wide range of Shanghai’s Art Deco offerings. Its five chapters (Public Buildings, Apartments, Villas, Furniture, and Objects) are lavishly illustrated and offer historical background information in both English and Chinese.

ART DECO – SHANGHAI AND MIAMI BEACH features fifty photos of each city, chosen from the many that made up the two Art Deco exhibitions held in Miami and Shanghai. The text is in English with a Chinese introduction by Deke. (SOLD OUT)

A LAST LOOK, REVISITED – WESTERN ARCHITECTURE IN OLD SHANGHAI provides an updated, expanded and evocative overview of Western architecture and expatriate lifestyles in one of the world's legendary cities. It also includes 1939 listings of Shanghai's old apartment houses, banks and clubs.

NEAR TO HEAVEN – WESTERN ARCHITECTURE IN CHINA'S OLD SUMMER RESORTS features Western buildings in the old hill stations, Kuling (Lushan), Kuliang, Kikungshan, Mokanshan, and the seaside resort Peitaiho. (SOLD OUT)

GOD AND COUNTRY – WESTERN RELIGIOUS ARCHITECTURE IN OLD CHINA has contemporary photos of China's churches and synagogues plus old black and white ones of churches and church-sponsored hospitals and schools. There is a "Jewish Legacy" chapter plus a 77-page listing of Catholic and Protestant missions and missionaries in China in 1934.

FAR FROM HOME – WESTERN ARCHITECTURE IN CHINA'S NORTHERN TREATY PORTS covers Harbin, Dalny (Dalian), Tientsin, Chefoo, Tsingtao and Hankow north of the Yangtze River, with a supplemental listing of European and American business concerns and representatives who were operating in China and Hong Kong in 1928.

THE LAST COLONIES – WESTERN ARCHITECTURE IN CHINA'S SOUTHERN TREATY PORTS covers Shanghai, Ningpo, Foochow, Amoy, Swatow, Canton, and the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Included as an annex is a 1936 Shanghai Trade Directory.

HALLOWED HALLS – PROTESTANT COLLEGES IN OLD CHINA, generously illustrated with both new and old photos and site plans, covers China's thirteen top universities, all founded by Protestant missionaries over the past 100 years.

FRENCHTOWN SHANGHAI – WESTERN ARCHITECTURE IN SHANGHAI’S OLD FRENCH CONCESSION, with old and new photos, is the most comprehensive of our books, covering the best buildings – plus a look into the lifestyle of the residents – of the most cosmopolitan of Shanghai’s
old foreign concessions.

THE OLD VILLA HOTELS OF SHANGHAI features Deke's contemporary photos of both the interiors and exteriors of nine of Shanghai's old mansions, all now converted into boutique hotels. Published for the local market, the captions and text are in both Chinese and English. (SOLD OUT)

EMIGRANTEN ADRESSBUCH. Originally published in Shanghai in November 1939, this small replica contains the names, local addresses, cities of origin, and occupations of thousands of German and Austrian Jews who fled to Shanghai.

STRANGERS ALWAYS - A JEWISH FAMILY IN WARTIME SHANGHAI, by Rena Krasno. This is the story of the young daughter of stateless Russian Jews, growing up in a tumultuous city in the 1930-1940s. The Jewish Times called it: "An engrossing eyewitness account...from her diary presents a unique description of daily life of the Jewish Community, especially in the time of the Japanese occupation of Shanghai."

And in our edited series of first-person narratives:

THAT LAST GLORIOUS SUMMER, SHANGHAI <-> JAPAN 1939 by Rena Krasno. During that summer in Japan, Rena’s sympathetic observations of the Japanese people, along with their government’s preparations for war, yield some of the most perceptive insights in English ever written on pre-war life in Japan.

SHANGHAI BOY SHANGHAI GIRL – LIVES IN PARALLEL, by George Wang and Betty Barr. In the 1920’s and 1930’s two children grew up in Shanghai, but only in the 1970’s did their paths finally cross. This story of George, a poor Chinese boy, and Betty, a cosseted child of missionary parents, views life in old Shanghai from two totally different yet parallel perspectives.

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS – LESSONS LEARNED IN SHANGHAI, by the same authors, the sequel follows the lives of this Shanghainese and Shanghailander from 1949, where their first book ended, up to their marriage here 20 years ago.

I LOVE CHINA, edited by the same authors, is a series of 30 articles by Eleanor Margaret Wang, written from 1948-50 and 1978-83, during her tenure at the Shanghai Foreign Language Institute (where she taught from 1947 until her death in Shanghai in 1983). Few foreigners have written of those troubled decades so compellingly and with such keen insight as this British-born writer.

LANES OF CHANGING FORTUNES – SIX SHANGHAI WALKS (2nd edition) and PATTERNS OF THE PAST – SIX MORE SHANGHAI WALKS, by Barbara Green, Tess Johnston, Ruth Lear, Carolyn Robertson, Jos Snoodjik. This second walks guidebook augments last year’s popular first volume with still more histories and anecdotes on the old Western buildings that grace the city's major boulevards and lesser lanes. Detailed walking itineraries, with coffee (and comfort) stops, are supplemented by both Deke’s and the authors’ photos from their favorite walks. These books also offer great reads for out-of-towners who cannot experience Shanghai for themselves.

SHANGHAILANDERS & SHANGHAINESE - WHERE THEY LIVED, WORKED AND PLAYED - STILL MORE SHANGHAI WALKS. Tess Johnston has assembled a fine stable of fellow-authors from the field of foreign correspondents, free-lance writers, bloggers, amateur historians and all-round faithful fans of Shanghai (as is she). They (and their subjects) are:

  • The Bund - Tycoons, Coolies and Communists by Patrick Cranley

  • Tilanqiao - The Former Jewish Ghetto and Lively Street Market by Sue Anne Tay

  • Crosswalking the Old Concession - The Many Facets of Frenchtown by Tess Johnston

  • Culture & Cafés in the Former French Concession by Lisa Movius

  • Xinhua Road - Merchant Princes and the Badlands by Bill Savadove

  • The Western Suburbs - Hongqiao Road by Duncan Hewitt



These two books are the final two of our Shanghai Walks series. With Kate Baker's coverage of the suburbs and finally with our red volume on the luminaries of the city, we think we have now covered about everything worth seeing in fabulous Shanghai. We hope you enjoyed all the walks as much as we enjoyed making -- and then documenting -- them. Thus ends our Shanghai Walks series.

For a price list for the books on this page and an order blank, click here. However, contact Tess at tessinshanghai@yahoo.com for actual ordering.
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